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Class Action Lawsuit Information



A Few Commonly Asked Q's & A's
Here we provide you with a few commonly asked questions and short answers as well as links to places where you will find more refined information about class action lawsuits. As for learning more about the legal procedural aspects of class action lawsuits, we recommend going to the Federal Judicial Center website where you will find the Federal Class Action Manual - Internet Edition.     




Q.  The definition of a class action lawsuit?


A. The definition of a class action lawsuit might be answered something like: it is a lawsuit that is brought by one or more people who act as representatives of a large number of other people that have the same or substantially similar situation giving rise to an action at law. The people bringing the lawsuit are said to be represenatative of the numerous other people withwhom they must share common facts and/or common questions of law that are dispositive of the lawsuit.

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Q.  What type of recovery can be obtained in a class action lawsuit?


A. Monetary (i.e. money representing damages proximately caused by the wrongful conduct complained of); Injunctive (i.e. a court order requiring another to do or not to do something) and/or declaratory ( a court order declaring the existence or nonexistence of something).

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Q.  How can I obtain specific information on pending or settled class action lawsuits?


Aside from the information obtained on our website about the class action lawsuits that we are involved in, information on specific class action lawsuits can be found in many different places on the internet by using a search engine (for example, with the key words of the name of a person or entity suing or being sued combined with the words "class action".

There are also general legal research resources available on the internet including the Library of Congress at:; Professor Smith's Guide to Legal research at;  Marquette guide to finding court cases at: ; findlaw at:; and, another tool for legal research is the Internet Legal Resource Guide at 

For those of you who are beginners, we suggest going to













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