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Important : This calculator is for estimation only. Although our testing has produced results consistent with the calculators that the courts use due to the use of the same mathematical formula, no guarantee is made regarding its accuracy nor will we accept any liability from your use of the program. 

This information is not guaranteed and no warranty as to its reliability is made, either expressed or implied. You should contact an attorney to obtain the most accurate assessment of child support in your case.







Welcome to our Family Law Page. Please use the buttons to your left to navigate our Family Law pages. The following calculator will give you a general idea of the support a California judge may order. However, many variables, such as mandatory union dues, number of claimed dependants, hardship deductions, etc. may change the calculated amount given and prevents accuracy. We recommend that you contact an attorney to obtain accurate support figures.




Father's Monthly Net Income
Mother's Monthly Net Income
Percentage of time the highest earner spends with the child(ren) %
Number of Children








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Contempt is a power of the court that it uses to enforce its own orders. When you are hurt by your spouseís disregard of a court order, one solution is to prove your spouse in contempt. A court ruling that your spouse is in contempt has considerably more impact than an award of attorneyís fees and costs for being unreasonable. Contempt can result in jail time, not just fines. A citation of your spouse for contempt in a divorce action also hangs over your spouse like a dark cloud, presenting him, rightly or wrongly, as the person wearing the black hat in any later disputes. The court is naturally motivated to control its own proceedings. Thus, the well known, "Stop, or Iíll hold you in contempt!" that may be spoken by the judge during the course of a court hearing. Youíre not nearly as concerned about finding someone in contempt for violating an order in the courtroom itself. The court is very good at taking care of that. Your natural concern is about out-of-court violations of orders. Proving that your spouse is violating an order out of the courtís presence is a powerful way of enforcing your orders. While the vast majority of cases never involve contempt, you should know what an out-of-court violation of a court order looks like and how to seek a contempt citation for it. Letís look at the hurdles involved. Persons accused of contempt are entitled to constitutional protections. For example, someone wonít be held in contempt for violating an order that is capable of more than one meaning. Assume that a certain child support order requires the Husband to pay the Wife Five Hundred Dollars per month. Wife says support is due on the first; Husband says the tenth, when he gets paid. The Husband canít be in contempt for non-payment until the end of the month: with no specific date, the obligation is payable that month. Husband also canít be in contempt if he doesnít know about the order, for example, because he wasnít in court and never received a copy. An order such as "Husband shall pay Wife the sum of Five Hundred Dollars for child support on the first day of each month, beginning March 1, 2012," when personally served on the Husband, is enforceable by contempt. A person cannot be held in contempt for violating an order he or she doesnít have the ability to comply with. If Husband doesnít have any money available, he canít be found in contempt even though a valid, specific order was personally served on him. Note the distinction: Husband still owes the money, but he canít be punished for not paying it if he was not able to comply with the court order through no fault of his own. You are the ďmoving partyĒ and have the burden of proof when you ask the court to find someone in contempt. It is your presentation, not the courtís. A complete mini-trial is involved. The expense is significant, although you will get an order for your reasonable fees and costs if you prove the contempt. Donít consider bringing anything other than an absolutely solid case when you allege contempt. Your opposition will be uncommonly vigorous because of the stigma of the citation and the possibility of going to jail. Be prepared for your spouse to raise defenses that you never imagined in order to excuse noncompliance with the order. Nonpayment of court-ordered support is the most common contempt action. Itís easier to prove than other violations and directly seeks to recover the unpaid support. However, make sure you have the facts to show your spouse could have paid the support.

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